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Atualizado: 7 de jan. de 2020

1. Exporting food to European country does not necessarily mean that it will be fine for other EU markets

Some European countries adopt more restrictive regulatory measures than others. Therefore it’s fundamental to check the regulatory system when choosing the most favorable country to export food to Europe.

In France, for instance, beyond the control of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), it’s also necessary to keep on track with the local rules of the French Agency, Anses. 

2. Labeling is a key word for to Export Food to Europe and succeed

Your company should carefully review the terms of the label before export food to the European market. Some labeling statements can be considered manifestation of "fraud" if the food  is not very well informed. Adequate your labels before go to EU market.

3. Manage the risk

 A product considered as "low-risk" food in a country outside Europe can be considered as "high risk" by the European Agency.

A risk assessments based-approach with the European standards are mandatory as well as adjust the GMP procedures to export food to Europe.

Avoid misleading labels before exporting to EU market since most of the problems to export food to Europe start from this matter.

4. Fat Tax Is Expected

Several European countries are battling obesity also by raising taxes on products considered unhealthy. The implementation of a fat tax can be different from a country to country. 

England, France, Hungary and Denmark are examples of countries that overtax some foods in order to reduce the number of overweight people and diet-related diseases.

An overview in different taxes regimes are strongly recommended before go to European market.

5. Controversies can exist, thus anticipate the right solutions

France is the first country in Europe to set up an International Commercial Court to solve international trade dispute.

When exporting food to Europe, think about the France Commercial Court when choosing which will be the governed laws of your agreement and the court jurisdiction.

We are in Europe to assist you legally in achieving your business’ success.

Silva de Moraes

Europe & Latin America

Legal assistance

Regulatory affairs

Contract review

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