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Shelf Life of Food and Pharmaceutical Products

In Brazil, we learned that the shelf life of food and pharmaceutical products was a consumer achievement, especially considering the safety and effectiveness of the product.

Nowadays we hear the opposite. The European Food Agency - EFSA, for example, is bringing up the discussion on this important worldwide issue considering the rules for applying “use by” and “better before” date of food products.

Accordingly with EFSA the food business operators decide when to apply “Use By” and “Better Before” date of their shelf life food products.

Wichever the choice, consumers and regulators are paying either more attention in this subject considering millions tones of products waste.

if we think about the Covid pandemic crisis, the situation is the same. Consumers need to access ordinary pharmaceutical products that are being missing in the market. The waste oft tonnes of products is also an important issue. thus this subject will be for sure at regulator agenda.

This is a perfect time to make new ideas and regulations happen with eyes in a clear and correct packaging information ensuring food safety and helping to reduce food waste and re-evaluating pharmaceuticals products perspectives.

Brazil, in its turn, need to re-open the discussion about shelf lif of health and food products with all players, that is, consumer, legislative, regulators and public attorneys.

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