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Eliana Silva de Moraes has nearly 30 years of experience as a legal strategist in Regulatory Affairs globally.

Because Eliana understands that the food, drug, cosmetic and medical device industry is unique and complex, and its impact can affect the company's core business, she focuses on the structure and process of the local legal system that can interfere the project as a whole, guiding you towards possible solutions in the short and medium term.

She has significant experience in cases involving product approval, inspection, GMP process, advertisement and distributorship agreement.

Eliana understands the uncertainties and challenges you may be facing with you global process approval and its time consuming. She helps clients receive justice from regulatory agencies and fair contracts with your partners.

To ensure the rights of our clients in the field of products and services for human and animal consumption, encompassing foods, medications, cosmetics and household cleaning products, in addition to dental, medical and hospital goods and related areas, grounded on legal, moral and ethical criteria, constantly striving to minimize all and any risk arising from the use of these goods and services made available to the population.


Our actions are guided by the quest for harmony and respect for the legal order, particularly through legality, efficiency, reasonability, transparency, respect for practitioners, technical capacity, discipline and the creative spirit, as well as the dignity of human beings, among other aspects.

Through our acts, we endeavor to contribute significantly to the development of science and technology, aiming at well-being, curing and preserving human life, thus allowing the production, import, export, distribution, placement and maintenance of safe and high quality products and services on the consumer market.

Our services are tailored specifically to the needs and interests of each client. Each case that we accept is unique, and is thus handled with full attention, care, efficiency, and relevance, as rapidly as possible and in compliance with the most stringent professional ethics.

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