The services range from review of promotional materials, price reporting, adverse event reporting, import and export issues, and manufacturing questions. Reviews self-evaluative audits, design corrective action plans and, when warranted, assist in reporting possible violations to regulatory authorities. The efforts are focused on managing risk and navigating a complex regulatory environment while achieving our clients' business goals. Silva de Moraes works as a ligal facilitator with highest level of integrity, and a focus on solutions. 


> Crisis Management

> Legal Opinion

>Regulatory Audit

> Licenses and Permits​

> Regulatory Affair Strategy

> Distributorship Agreement







Silva de Moraes counsels clients globally on virtually all aspects of their business in Mercosur Region, with emphasis in Brazi and at all stages of the client's lifecycle, from bringing new products to market and responding to agency enforcement actions to integrating Good Manufacturing Practices, as well as corporate compliance, due diligence and products liability matters. 


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 Silva de Moraes | Anvisa Online Assistance Solution