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Silva de Moraes provides a Legal Representative  in a regulatory perspective.

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Anvisa, European Agencies Assistance

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Picture the Scene: Silva de Moraes, stablished since 1992, making Legal Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, Medical Device, Cosmetic, Veterinary and Healthcare easier for companies seeking presence in challenged regulatory affairs enviroment.

Silva de Moraes gives you a Personal assistance made accordingly your needs. Offices in Brazil, France and Portugal 

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Legal Assistance to accomplish with enforcement requirements, HELP your company during Inspection time

Inspection advice

Latin America - EU Alliance

Attorney's Alliance to answer your needs in these two regions.

You do not need to go individually to each country to gel your legal advice

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The regulatory universe is complex and can affect administrative acts that end up generating illegalities in the interpretation and application of the regulation rule on the matter that harm the company's activity.

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Regulatory News

On December, 8th Eliana Silva de Moraes will be talking on Topra'sWebinar about "OVERVIEW OF THE BRAZILIAN MEDICAL DEVICE REGULATION."


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Get Anvisa Approval 

The Ten General Principles Pharmaceutical Products Approval

Medicamento de Prescrição

Eliana Silva de Moraes

This E-book is about the general X principles for a pharmaceutical company get a product marketing authorization worldwide.

Legal Tools of Risk Controlling in Food and Drug Field


Eliana Silva de Moraes

This E-book identifies various tools established by material legislation to prevent the occurrence of health risks in the company's daily lives

Because you need assistance in Europe Legislation 

This service will allow you to set up your business in Europe in a low cost and with no effort.

Silva de Moraes Representative

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What is a Personal Food & Drug Lawyer

SILVA DE MORAES  is concerned with the safety of things that people consume around the world, such as food, medicines, devices, cosmetics, that is, things that are inside, into, over or are used with human or animal bodies.

 Working personally representing its clients with experts partners, demonstrating their products are safe and in accordance with applicable law.

Pharmaceutical, Food and Medical Device and Cosmetic Companies have direct assistance and are represented by Silva de Moraes to Regulatory Agencies, as well as when negotiating contracts, talking to their partners.

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